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Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics: Car audio, car entertainment system, car GPS, car DVD, anti-theft device, camera, headrest display, car CD, car MP3 player, car power supply, car charging seat, car heating cushion, car massage cushion, car massage pillow, car navigator, car recorder, car audio speaker, car universal charger, electronic eye, reversing radar, etc Let's wait.

1. Car stereo

Car audio is a sound system installed in the car. The anti-interference technology is to filter the interference of the power line using a choke string between the power supply and the sound to reduce the external noise interference. It is only an auxiliary device and has no effect on the running performance of the car. However, as people's demand for enjoyment becomes higher and higher, automobile manufacturers also pay more and more attention to the audio equipment of cars, and use it as one of the bases for evaluating the comfort of cars.

2. Vehicle infotainment system

The vehicle-mounted integrated information processing system is based on the vehicle bus system and Internet service. IVI can realize a series of applications including 3D navigation, real-time road conditions, IPTV, assisted driving, fault detection, vehicle information, body control, mobile office, wireless communication, online-based entertainment functions and TSP services, greatly improving the level of vehicle electronics, networking and intelligence.

3. Car GPS

Through hardware and software to make GPS positioning terminal for vehicle positioning, called vehicle GPS. With the use of vehicle GPS positioning GSM network communication function, the anti-theft alarm information can be sent to a third party, or the alarm phone, SMS directly sent to the owner's mobile phone, to complete the vehicle GPS anti-theft alarm.

4. Traffic recorder

The driving recorder is an instrument that records the image and sound of the vehicle while it is driving. After the installation of the tachograph, it can record the video images and sounds of the whole process of the car driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents, and is quite a "black box".

5. Reverse radar

Reversing radar is a safety aid device for parking or reversing, which can inform the driver of the surrounding obstacles with sound or more intuitive display, lifting the trouble caused by the driver's parking, reversing and starting the vehicle, and helping the driver to eliminate the defects of dead corners and blurred vision.
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