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Consumer electronics

It mainly includes: watches, smart phones, telephones, TV sets, DVD players (VCD, SVCD, DVD), VCRS, camcorders, radios, radio recorders, combined speakers, laser record players (CD), computers, game consoles, mobile communication products, etc.
1, watch
An instrument worn on the wrist to tell time or display the time. In English, watch comes from the medieval word wacche. Watches are usually made of leather, rubber, nylon cloth, stainless steel and other materials, made of a watch band, which displays the time of the "watch head" on the wrist.

2, DVD player
Also known as a video player, it is a device that plays the sound of a movie on a disc. DVD player is an audio-visual equipment produced by the combination of digital video technology, digital audio laser disc technology and computer technology, which concentrates laser technology, digital technology, precision machining technology, etc., and is a typical consumer product of optoelectromechanical integration.

3, video recorder
It is used to record TV images and sound, can store TV program video signals, and can later send them back to the TV transmitter or directly to the tape recorder in the TV.

4, radio
A machine made of mechanical devices, electronic devices, magnets, etc., which converts radio signals with electricity and can listen to audio signals transmitted by radio stations. Also known as radio, radio, etc.

5, combination speaker
It is a stereo sound playback system that integrates a variety of audio equipment or combines a variety of audio equipment. It is composed of audio signal source, amplifier and speaker, etc., and has the functions of receiving, recording, playing and singing.
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